teetering plucked and circular bowed

Along side historical instrument and bocal-making work, I remain committed to performing, composing and creating sound sculptures/installations. Performed works can be acoustic or with electronics, both in solo and group settings as well as in collaboration with experimental musicians and choreographers.

Some 'other' instruments are pictured here - click on some of them to hear a sample.

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¡¡Updated February 2009!!



Some solo concert samples...
Simply acoustic bassoon -
St. Mark's Church in-the-Bowery (1999) PartA & PartB
An Intro from a concert at Roulette (NYC - 2006)
A Coda from a concert at Meridian (SF - 2006)

Multi-Micro-Miked Bassoon -16 mics at tone holes (4 tracks mixed down to 2, best listened through headphones. EI in NYC 2008) EI_1, EI_2, EI_5
Bassoon with live manipulation of electronics & MIDI (1990) - Faux Jzz


tentacled bellows

Notes and Measurements



organ bike