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Scraping Tool

Two modern bassoon bocal models are available in the  standard 3 lengths. Model MA, with an ever so slightly parabolic bore has an even scale with smooth tonal characteristics and strong fundamentals in all register. Model MB has a very direct feel, with fast and easy high register.
These bocals are available various thicknesses of brass, nickel, silver, silver plated and gold.

Conceived or copied primarily for my own reproductions several models of historical bocals are also available. These bocals have worked successfully on many original instruments and replicas of other makers as well.




Reed-Making Tools

A Wood block and set of four scraping disks with handle (both essential for historic internally scraped reeds), along with easels and shapers are available.

There are three baroque/curtal  shaper models and one classical shaper model. Mesurements for these can be found here.
Periodically, cane-profiling machines and reed-tip-profiling machines are also are in production. Please inquire for further information.